SUNFLOWER SUGAR ART Medium Ball Tool (Clearance)

Sunflower Sugar Art


This Medium Ball Tool is 6 9/16 inches (167 mm) long, with a polished hardwood handle and chrome-plated ball bearings at each end that measure 10/32 inch (8 mm) and 1/2 inch (13 mm) in diameter. It is the ideal tool for thinning and ruffling the edges of typical gumpaste petals and leaves.

Sunflower Sugar Art manufactures ball tools to exacting standards, so that they feel substantial and perfectly balanced in your hand, enabling you to feather the edges and etch the veins of petals and leaves with deftness and speed.

Hand made in the USA.

        Gusta Supplies goes above and beyond to source specialty products for your gustatory enjoyment. Did you know? The stem "Gusta" is found in the word "gustation", which means the sense of taste. Gusta, as such, is literally the "root of taste". We know, shopping here, you must have a good taste!

        Inventory Last Updated: Mar 04, 2024

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