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TREHA Trehalose Sugar
TREHA Trehalose Sugar

TREHA Trehalose Sugar



TREHA™ trehalose is a versatile ingredient that enhances and intensifies certain flavours to bring out the best in your products.

Trehalose is a naturally occurring, multi-functional sugar with nearly half the sweetness of sucrose. It is a carbohydrate (disaccharide) that is found in nature and is present in mushrooms, baker’s yeast and honey.

  • Produced from non-GM starch using non-GM enzymes
  • May be used as part of natural flavour systems
  • Recognized as GRAS by the Flavour and Extract Manufacturers Association of the U.S. (FEMA); FEMA GRAS is recognized in Mexico; other geographies pending
  • FDA GRAS for food and beverage use in the U.S.

Why do you use Trehalose?

  • Enhances flavour in fruits, especially citrus, and highlights foods’ inherent saltiness, which can enable reduced sodium content
  • Reduces bitterness of potassium chloride in low-sodium formulations
  • Masks off-notes in both flavours and odours, including proteins, vitamins, minerals and high-intensity sweeteners
  • Protects flavour stability and quality throughout processing and shelf life

    Using Trehalose:

    TREHA™ trehalose can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications and is GRAS up to the use levels specified below. In addition, trehalose offers a range of functional benefits to improve your processes:

    • Highly soluble
    • Heat/acid resistance
    • Compatible with other ingredients 

    Product of Japan

    At Gusta Supplies, we endeavour to secure hard-to-source ingredients and tools so the community here can enjoy a tasteful selection. We are particular about the origin of these products in respect to its cultural and technological significance. We want you to use only the best we can afford to provide.

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