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VALRHONA Absolu Cristal, Neutral Glaze
VALRHONA Absolu Cristal, Neutral Glaze
VALRHONA Absolu Cristal, Neutral Glaze
VALRHONA Absolu Cristal, Neutral Glaze
VALRHONA Absolu Cristal, Neutral Glaze
VALRHONA Absolu Cristal, Neutral Glaze
VALRHONA Absolu Cristal, Neutral Glaze

VALRHONA Absolu Cristal, Neutral Glaze


<During summer time, if you would like the product shipped, we recommend adding a cold mailer for 400g size to preserve coolness.>

Absolu Cristal has a perfectly neutral taste and is extremely easy to use.  Its versatile texture makes it ideal for creative coulis and glazes with exceptional shine.

A perfect finish, Valrhona’s Absolu Cristal is ready to use for a flawless finish, hot or cold.  It provides a beautiful and lasting glaze, and freezes and defrosts with perfect results every time.

It is the ideal base ingredient for all kinds of glazes, including neutral glazes or those made with fruit, chocolate, praliné, gianduja, or spices.  Absolu Cristal is much more than a neutral glaze; it brings real texture to your dishes, with its slightly sweetened taste.

Pastry chefs must have glazings and icings for that seamless finish.  Valrhona offers time-saving products for flawless results every time! 

Ingredients: water, sugar, glucose syrup, gelling agent: pectin, thickener: carrageenan, acid: citric acid.

Product of France

Created in 1922 in France by a pastry chef for pastry chefs, Valrhona has remained a chef driven company that values working in partnership with culinary professionals. Valrhona employs 30 corporate chefs and operates four premier pastry schools ("Ecoles Valrhona") throughout the world for chefs to learn, exchange ideas, and master their craft. Valrhona is committed to the creation of unique artisan quality chocolates with complex and balanced flavors. As an owner of 2 plantations, Valrhona is literally the source of fine chocolate as they plant, discover, select, and blend fine and rare cocoa beans.

Since 2020, Valrhona is certified B CORP. Obtaining this certification is a huge honour but also a philosophy that they wish to implement for the future.  The B CORP movement has been promoting strong values of change throughout the world to make companies "a force for good" and distinguish those that balance profit and purpose. Its holistic and demanding vision revolves around 5 impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. B CORP's objective is to certify companies that integrate social, societal and environmental objectives into their business model and operations.
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