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Matfer Bourgeat

Matfer Bourgeat is a family-owned French Industrial Group. Since its founding in 1814, the Group has become the industry leader in supplying extraordinary tools and technologies to professional kitchens around the world.

Matfer Bourgeat provides customer-based solutions for restaurants, conventional and luxury hotels, culinary schools, fine dining and catering services. Matfer Bourgeat’s expertise extends to all areas of the pastry, bakery and restaurant industries. They are one of only a few suppliers worldwide that are able to provide a complete range of kitchen utensils and equipment for any foodservice establishment.

With a spirit of innovation, Matfer Bourgeat innovates hundreds of new products each year to continually adapt to customer and market needs, focusing on ergonomics, functionality and design. They partner with chefs, hoteliers, designers, and other industry professionals to guide their product development and manufacturing processes.