Nielsen Massey

Nielsen Massey is a leading purveyor of high-quality pure, natural vanilla and flavour extracts.

Headquartered in Waukegan, Ill. with production facilities in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Nielsen Massey has been sharing the world’s finest, sustainably-sourced flavours from their family to yours for more than a century. They take pride in developing decades-old relationships with farmers across the globe to hand-pick the richest vanilla beans. Their slow, proprietary cold-extraction process preserves more than 300 delicate flavour compounds to ensure their vanilla extracts consistently deliver the richest taste.

Nielsen Massey's passion for flavour extends beyond vanilla to a wide range of flavour products sourced from premium ingredients and grown in the best conditions. All products are all-natural, allergen-free, GMO-free and certified Kosher and Gluten-Free. Fairtrade and organic certified products are also available.

Their unwavering commitment to crafting the finest vanillas and flavours aligns with their goal of making the world a better place to live. As one of the first companies to introduce an organic and fairtrade vanilla from Madagascar, Nielsen Massey is committed to sustaining the plants, people and communities in their supply chain. This includes improving economic prospects for farmers and making vanilla a more sustainable crop.