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SAHEIZI Long Blade Scissors for Wagashi, 150mm 和菓子用 握り鋏 左平次 長刃 (小はさみ)

Saheizi 左平次

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  • 150 mm long blade Migaki finish
  • The size is large in the case of the handgrip (string shears).
  • Firmly grasped and cut off 150mm uniqueness.
  • We cope with thread and thin cloth to heavy with normal nigrisabi cutting.
  • Delivered with the best sharpness.
  • The long blade 150mm is thicker and larger than 105mm and 120mm as a whole, so it has excellent cutting performance and durability.
  • Blade: Forged a soft iron to the highest grade steel, is a full-scale scissors sharpened, is a professional specification.