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GUSTA SUPPLIES "Warabi-ko" Bracken Fern Starch

Gusta Supplies


Warabiko (わらび粉) is the starch of the “warabi” plant in Japan. It is a type of edible fiddlehead greens. Warabiko is distinctive from other flour for mochi; giving a milder sweetness and transparent lighter, jelly-like texture.

The root is the only part of the plant that is used to extract the rare “hon-warabi-ko” (true warabi starch powder) which is later used to make Japanese confectionary.

Gusta Supplies goes above and beyond to source specialty products for your gustatory enjoyment. Did you know? The stem "Gusta" is found in the word "gustation", which means the sense of taste. Gusta, as such, is literally the "root of taste". We know, shopping here, you must have a good taste!

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 02, 2020

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