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NIELSEN MASSEY Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Paste

Nielsen Massey

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Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste is crafted from Nielsen Massey's famous Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, along with real bean specks from the vanilla pod.

The flavour profile is sweet, creamy and mellow with velvety after-tones. The paste’s thick consistency (similar to molasses) enables you to add more delicious vanilla flavour without thinning out your batters or sauces. It’s also ideal for recipes in which you want to add the enticing visual flair of vanilla bean specks, such as crème brûlée and ice cream.

To replace vanilla extract in a recipe, simply measure the same amount of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste and add. Or, replace one Tbs. of paste for every one whole vanilla bean.

This product is Kosher and Gluten-Free Certified as well as All-Natural and Allergen-Free.

At Gusta Supplies, we endeavour to secure hard-to-source ingredients and tools so the community here can enjoy a tasteful selection. We are particular about the origin of these products in respect to its cultural and technological significance. We want you to use only the best we can afford to provide.

Inventory Last Updated: May 29, 2020
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