BOIRON Frozen Fruit Puree, Yuzu (1kg)
BOIRON Frozen Fruit Puree, Yuzu (1kg)
BOIRON Frozen Fruit Puree, Yuzu (1kg)
BOIRON Frozen Fruit Puree, Yuzu (1kg)
BOIRON Frozen Fruit Puree, Yuzu (1kg)

BOIRON Frozen Fruit Puree, Yuzu (1kg)

Les Vergers Boiron



This item is sold in 1kg size only.

Make delicious fruit treats including sauces for plated desserts, ice creams and sorbets. Fruit puree can be used to make fruit jellies, fresh curd, filling for tarts, and is wonderful in popsicles or paletas. It can also be added to vinaigrette and fresh salsas for grilled seafood, meat and etc!

Product obtained with the edible parts of one or several types of fruits or vegetables, then sieved or finely chopped, without any notable concentration, with or without added sugar(s).

  • A strict selection of ripe-picked fruits and vegetables in the best areas.
  • Constant taste, colour and texture guaranteed by blending techniques.
  • Production methods adapted to each fruit and vegetable to maintain all their original qualities.
  • This purée is GMO-free and has no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Ingredient: Yuzu 100%


While we make our best efforts to keep the puree cold when they reach you, we unfortunately cannot guarantee it being frozen, especially during the summer months or if you reside outside of Ontario.

If the puree arrives partially thawed, simply put it back in the freezer to keep its quality intact.  In the event that they arrive completely thawed, so long as the inner seal is not broken, they are safe to use.  Unused portions can be frozen again for longer term storage.

Purees with more fibres naturally separates when thawed.  Simply stir to use.  A good trick is to portion the purees in your own containers before refreezing them.

We hope you enjoy the freshness of Boiron purees and the vibrant colours and excellent flavours they bring to your recipes.

About Yuzu

Originally discovered as a wild fruit in China and Tibet, yuzu was introduced and cultivated in Japan and Korea around the 7th Century.

Unlike most other citrus fruits, which have spread around the world for centuries, this small fruit with bumpy curves, very little flesh and a lot of pips or seeds never left Asia until the 20th Century (with one notable exception: its export in the middle of the last century to Brazil, where it was consumed uniquely by the Asian community).

To get an idea of how recent the yuzu came to be known in Europe, it’s impossible to find it in most pre-2000 printed English dictionaries (Oxford, Merriam Webster, Collins) and it was only introduced into the French Larousse Dictionary in 2016. It’s a huge bonus for Scrabble players since the Y is worth 4 points and the Z a whopping 10 (in French, Y and Z both score 10 points).

Its delicate mixed fruity and sour taste, with flavour hints of grapefruit, mandarin and lime, is very refreshing and delights the most discerning palates as soon as they taste it. In fact, yuzu came to the West largely thanks to great chefs and pastry-makers who worked in Japan (in particular French culinary stars such as Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire, Joël Robuchon and Michel Troisgros).

Today, it is used in an increasing number of savoury and sweet preparations and has become a favourite of a new generation of culinary creators and its future is as promising as a rising sun.

About Boiron

World leaders in the production of premium fruit purees, Les vergers Boiron is a family owned company that was started in the region of Ardeche back in 1969. They started trading the delicious, ripe fruit of the region, until Pierre Boiron saw a need in the market and created a state-of-the-art fruit processing facility for freezing the fruit at its best, sweetest and ripest, preserving the flavours, texture and freshness so it could be enjoyed year round. Today, they're the biggest producers of fruit and vegetable purees, coulis and other products, with more than 70 flavors that are 100% natural, which inspire chefs, bartenders and creative cooks everywhere.

Many products we sell at Gusta Supplies are exactly what we use in class -- authentic ingredients and professional-grade tools used in high end hotels and restaurants. We hope you enjoy using these products as much as our chefs favour them.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 20, 2023

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