PCB CREATION Egg Yolk Coloured Cocoa Butter, 200g
PCB CREATION Egg Yolk Coloured Cocoa Butter, 200g
PCB CREATION Egg Yolk Coloured Cocoa Butter, 200g

PCB CREATION Egg Yolk Yellow Coloured Cocoa Butter, 200g

PCB Creation


PCB Creation's cocoa butter colours are great to airbrush onto chocolate, cakes, moulds, or to brush on rolled fondant cakes, cookies, cupcakes, gumpaste, plates, or for many other decorations.

Use the cocoa butter colours to create your own distinctive chocolate bonbons, confectionery designs and more. These ready-to-use cocoa butter colours will ease your work and help you obtain an identical colouring with each application.

They can be sprayed with a spray gun or an airbrush on the chocolate mould directly. The cocoa butter colours can also be spread with a brush directly onto the surface to be decorated. Alternatively, the colours can be diluted in chocolate or plain cocoa butter, and then applied onto the surface to be decorated with a heat gun.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, E102


  • Cocoa butter must be tempered for proper crystallization and shine
  • Place bottle in a 110°F / 43°C water bath for about 15 minutes, or until 2/3 of the cocoa butter has melted inside the bottle. Leaving 1/3 of the core un-melted. Shake the bottle until the core has thoroughly melted.
  • For brilliant results, use at a temperature of 86F ° (30°C)
  • Store away from light and in a cool, dry place

Product of France

For guide on mixing colours, please take a look at the guide here.

Specialized in food decorations, PCB Creation provides professionals in pastry making and restaurant business with a wide variety of decorations -- finished decorations, do-it-yourself decorations, decorations for chocolate truffles and entremets, moulds, fruit and vegetable leathers… all of them intended to facilitate beautiful, trend-forward decoration.

Products in their collections are designed in tandem with recognized professionals from the world of pastry making -- Pierre Hermé, Christophe Michalak, Sébastien Bouillet… and many more.


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At above 34°C, cocoa butter products may start melting, and recrystallize as white streaks or marks on the surface.  This phenomenon is called 'fat bloom'.  While it may not have the perfect appearance, bloomed cocoa butter is safe to eat and use in recipes.

During summer months when the temperature is relatively warm, we advise adding cold packaging to your shipment in order to minimize the risk of melting.  While we are careful and diligent in maintaining the temperature of your package, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the products in the cold packaging will not be affected by unusually warm weather and irregular transit time.

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