Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)
Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)
Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)
Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)
Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)
Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)
Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)
Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)
Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)

Travel Cake by Garuharu (EN/KR)

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In the forth master handbook series, chef Eunyoung Yun reveals all 41 signature recipes from GARUHARU, including pound cake, petit gateaux, financier, madeleine, cannele, american cookie, sand cookie, and florentine, which cooked in her own unique style.

Each recipe consists of a detailed process image and description. In addition, you can get inspiration for dessert through the taste, texture, and design that GARUHARU pursues.

In addition, GARUHARU's various recipes reflects consumer needs, such as vegan, gluten-free, nuts-free, and egg-free, will give you a variety of ideas in using alternative ingredients for good taste and texture.



  • Preparation
  • Ingredients
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Baking powder and baking soda
  • Ingredients for gluten-free recipes
  • Tools
  • Pound cake mold
  • Convection oven and deck oven


  • 30 °b (baume) syrup
  • Gelatin mass
  • Chocolate tempering


  • Marble pound cake
  • Matcha pound cake
  • Mont blanc pound cake
  • Yuja pound cake
  • Fig pound cake
  • Pistachio & grapefruit cake
  • Carrot & orange cake
  • Earl grey cake
  • Cacao cake
  • Coffee bean cake
  • Chestnut cake
  • Caramel pecan financier
  • Chocolate & raspberry financier
  • Pistachio & orange financier
  • Blue cheese financier
  • Smoked vanilla madeleine
  • Apple crumble madeleine
  • Kaffir lime & basil madeleine
  • Raspberry madeleine
  • Burnt vanilla cannele
  • Roasted corn cannele
  • Basil & raspberry cannele
  • Orange & ginger cannele
  • White soybean paste cookie
  • Double chocolate cookie
  • Vegan nuts cookie
  • Earl grey cookie
  • Lemon & basil cookie
  • Seaweed cookie
  • Cinnamon & pecan cookie
  • Vegan coco
  • Berry berry monaka florentine
  • Salted monaka florentine
  • Sesame monaka florentine
  • Coconut monaka florentine
  • Raspberry sand cookie
  • Spiced sand cookie
  • Pistachio sand cookie
  • Salted butter caramel cookie
  • Praline cookie
  • 100% chocolate cookie

      • Language: English & Korean
      • Author(s):

      Eunyoung Yun
      • 368 pages
      • Published in 2022

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