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SOSA Pectin NH reversible, "Fruit Pectin"

SOSA Pectin NH reversible, "Fruit Pectin"


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Sosa Fruit Pectin is a gelling agent and thickener that can be applied to pulps and juices, it activates exclusively with the incorporation of an acid component. Primarily used for preparing glazes for fruits tarts and pastries, Pectin NH is thermally reversible. It can be set, re-melted, and set again.

Suitable for Fruit Nappage, Fruit gels, Jams and non traditional spreads in which acid incorporation is not a problem.

Directions of use : 8 to 20 g/kg of fruit purée nappage. Pre-mix with a part of sugar, disperse in water under agitation to avoid lumps. Complete dissolution is obtained after 15 min.

Sosa Ingredients is one of the leading manufacturers of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry.