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Inverted Sugar

Gusta Supplies

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Invert sugar syrup with a high dry substance in soft paste

Ingredients: Sugar, Water.

Application:  Replaces partly the sugar in pastry, confectionery and ice cream manufacturing.

  • Humidity stabilizer to avoid dryness and breaking.
  • Gives a smoother texture, very efficient for frozen doughs by preventing loss of moisture during freezing.
  • Develops flavour better and improves aroma of baked products.
  • Also prevents crystallization and graininess in ice-cream, sherbet, cake mixes and in candy centers.

Direction:  Replaces sugar in various rates: 

  •   Pastry / Danish / Yeast dough: 3 to 30% 
  •   Confectionery: 5 to 20% 
  •   Ice cream manufacturing: 20 to 40% 
  •   Soaking syrup: add 250g of water to 1 kg and stir well

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage: Dry

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