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CACAO BARRY Pate a Glacer Brune, Dark Coating Chocolate

Cacao Barry

CACAO BARRY Pate a Glacer Brune, Dark Coating Chocolate


This chocolate compound provides a rich dark chocolate coating and shine to any sweet creation. Cacao Barry Pate a Glacer Brune does not need to be tempered and provides a medium set when hardened, perfect for chocolate dipped fruits, molding and decoration.

Direction of use : melt the required quantity of glazing paste in bain marie (55°C approximately) or in microwaves (medium power until a temperature about 45-50°C). Before use, let cool between 35°C and 38°C according to the applications and move with a spatula to obtain a glossy glazing. Avoid working in a draft or near a source of heat and humidity. After use, store the container closed in a cool and dry place (16-18°C).

Please note: We do not recommend shipping chocolate during summer months due to warm weather.  Couvertures and cocoa products are available for pick up at our studio in Markham, or you may choose to ship at your own risk.

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