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GUSTA SUPPLIES Candied Strips of Orange Peels

GUSTA SUPPLIES Candied Strips of Orange Peels, 250g

Gusta Supplies

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Sweet and slightly bitter with a sour tang, the bright citrus flavour complements the sweetness of the candied, coated topping. The ingredient list is short and sweet: just orange peel, sugar and glucose. No corn syrup, sulfur or citric acid.

Ideal for baking, decorating, cocktail garnishes or dipping into dark chocolate for an easy and elegant dessert, you can also serve candied orange peel with cheese.

At Gusta Supplies, we endeavour to secure hard-to-source ingredients and tools so the community here can enjoy a tasteful selection. We are particular about the origin of these products in respect to its cultural and technological significance. We want you to use only the best we can afford to provide.

Inventory Last Updated: May 31, 2020
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