Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 2 (EN)
Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 2 (EN)
Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 2 (EN)
Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 2 (EN)
Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 2 (EN)
Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 2 (EN)
Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 2 (EN)

Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 2 (EN)

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The second book following Conongmom's Cake Diary, this book presents various styles of cake icing skills not only in a round and square cakes but also in flower shape, heart-shaped dome, basket shape, and wreath shape, as well as modelling chocolate doughs, chocolate bands, and assortments of whipped cream cake designs using various decorations.

As you learn the numerous techniques used in 42 designs of special event cakes that can represent the season, depict stories, and commemorate significant or special days, you will be able to design a cake with your own style.


LESSON 01. Preparation

  1. Tools & Ingredients
  2. Types and Characteristics of Dairy Whipping Cream
  3. Understanding Density of Whipped Cream
  4. Classification of Creams According to Use
  5. Cutting Genoise
  6. Filling and Icing Basic Round Cake

LESSON 02. Making Various Creams with Fresh Whipping Cream

  1. White Whipped Cream
  2. Compote Whipped Cream
  3. Ganache Whipped Cream

LESSON 03. Making Various Ganache for Drip Cakes

  1. White Ganache
  2. Mango Ganache
  3. Strawberry Ganache
  4. Dark Chocolate Ganache

LESSON 04. Making Genoise & Chiffon

  1. Plain Genoise
  2. Chocolate Genoise
  3. Strawberry Genoise
  4. Plain Chiffon

LESSON 05. Congmom's 42 Cake Design Recipes

Floral Cake

  • Cake 01. Carnation Fresh Flower Cake

White Modeling Chocolate Cakes

  • Cake 02. Modeling Mango Cake
  • Cake 03. Modeling Strawberry Cake
  • Cake 04. Big Flower Cake
  • Cake 05. Rose Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Band Cakes

  • Cake 06. 2-Tier Dark Chocolate Cake
  • Cake 07. 2-Tier White Chocolate Cake 

Patterned Chocolate Band Cakes

  • Cake 08. Patterned Red Chocolate Band Cake
  • Cake 09. Patterned Dark Chocolate Band Cake

Patterned Cake Using Chocolate Transfer Sheet

  • Cake 10. Wave Pattern Chocolate Band Cake

Heart-Shaped Cakes

  • Cake 11. Making Rounded Heart Cake with Modeling Rose and Strawberry Ganache Drip
  • Cake 12. Vintage Dome Heart Cake
  • Cake 13. Pom-Pom Heart Cake
  • Cake 14. Large-Ruffled Heart Cake
  • Cake 15. Heart Cake Piped with St. Honore Nozzle
  • Cake 16. 2-Tier Framboise Heart Cake
  • Cake 17. Chocolate Basket Heart Cake

Layered Icing Cakes

  • Cake 18. Cherry Layered Icing Cake
  • Cake 19. Blueberry Layered Icing Cake
  • Cake 20. Chocolate Layered Icing Cake

Dome Cakes

  • Cake 21. Apple Flower Dome Cake
  • Cake 22. Porcelain Dome Cake
  • Cake 23. Snowball Cake
  • Cake 24. Polar Bear Igloo Cake

Applied Version Basket Dome Cakes

  • Cake 25. Full of Melon, Basket Cake
  • Cake 26. Full of Strawberries, Basket Cake

Wreath-Shaped Cakes

  • Cake 27. Summer Sea Cake
  • Cake 28. Christmas Wreath Cake
  • Cake 29. Raffaello Wreath Cake
  • Cake 30. Chocolate Wreath Cake

Square Cakes

  • Cake 31. Line Piped Square Cake
  • Cake 32. Snowy Village Cake
  • Cake 33. Polar Bear Rectangle & Dome Cake

2-Tier & 3-Tier Cakes

  • Cake 34. 2-Tier Teddy Bear Cake
  • Cake 35. 2-Tier Snowman Cake
  • Cake 36. 2-Tier Fresh Flower Cake
  • Cake 37. 3-Tier Ice Cream Cake

Christmas Cakes

  • Cake 38. Log Cake
  • Cake 39. Making Tree Cake with Cake Comb
  • Cake 40. Making Tree Cake with Piping Nozzle 

Making Cakes using Various Molds

  • Cake 41. Big Size Oreo Cake
  • Cake 42. Carousel Cake


• Language: English & Korean
• Author(s): Jung Hayeon
• 304 pages
• Published in 2022

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