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30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)
30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)
30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)
30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)
30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)
30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)
30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)
30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)

30 Indispensable Ice Cream (EN/ES)

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30 indispensable ice creams arises from the need to meet the growing demand for ice cream training with a practical product, made to be easily integrated into the daily routine of a workshop.

30 indispensable ice creams and sorbets have been selected to produce a suitable display case, at the same level as a more pluralistic, demanding, and informed clientele. The book is the result of the professional background of Jaume Turró, one of the most prestigious ice cream makers, and Spain’s 2012 Ice Cream Champion. But in addition to his solid training in ice cream and pastry, Turró's experience in managing two leading ice cream shops in The Maresme of Barcelona are the best guarantee for a book that offers a creative as well as commercial offer. Thus, the author proposes ice creams of wide acceptance such as vanilla, universal classics such as stracciatella, gastronomic proposals such as dark chocolate ice cream and ice creams that define our identity as professionals, such as strawberry.

This book is not only an excellent ally to launch a display case that is different from the competition, in which each recipe is expanded with context information about its source, technical comments on the parameters chosen, tips, and tricks. It is a recipe book that assumes the gastronomic value that ice cream must have and does not turn its back on the habits that today are imposed on food trends, through the use of low fat products and good formulations. For this purpose, one of the premises that is explained in the book is that the technological ingredients perform their function within the recipe without detracting strength and sharpness on the palate from the ice cream. 


• Dairy ice cream
• Stracciatella
• Walnut and cream
• Tutti-frutti
• Hazelnut
• Strawberry
• Dark chocolate
• Yogurt
• Whiskey cream
• Tiramisú
• Pistachio
• Coconut
• Rum and raisin
• Melon sorbet
• Dulce de leche
• Frozen custard, biscuit glacé
• Lemon sorbet
• Catalan custard
• Soft serve yogurt
• Raspberry sorbet
• White chocolate
• Mango and passion fruit sorbet
• Cinnamon milk
• Mojito sorbet
• Coffee
• Banana
• White chocolate
• Turrón
• Mandarin sorbet
• Cocoa
• Cheese cake
• Mint and chocolate
• Vanilla
• Light vanilla        

Awards: Best Ice Cream Book in the World 2018 (by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards)

• Language: English & Spanish
• Author(s): Jaume Turró
• 144 pages
• Published in 2017

Many products we sell at Gusta Supplies are exactly what we use in class -- authentic ingredients and professional-grade tools used in high end hotels and restaurants. We hope you enjoy using these products as much as our chefs favour them.

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