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DE BUYER Mineral B Steel Wok with 2 Handles

DE BUYER Mineral B Steel Wok with 2 Handles, 12.5"/32cm

de Buyer

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Mineral B Element Wok Pan with 2 handles from De Buyer is perfect for healthy and fast cooking with little fat. The riveted stainless steel handles are both easy to handle and unbreakable. The pan is made of iron with a beeswax coating that protects the pan from oxidation and facilitates the seasoning. Equipped with a durable, thick edge that is undeformable.

The wok pan is perfect for caramelizing your food. The boiler quickly warms up with even heat distribution, which gives a Maillard reaction that makes your food golden brown and releases a wide palette of flavours and scents.

  • Heavy quality iron coated in beeswax: protective coating against oxidation; facilitates seasoning.
  • Natural non-stick properties, no coating : gradual seasoning of the wok.
  • Undeformable thick skirt. Excellent caramelization of food.
  • Heats up quickly, uniform diffusion of heat, enables the Maillard reaction.
  • Small flat bottom: very stable
  • Tip: preheat using a little fat.
  • Season when first used.
  • Care: deglaze, rinse with warm water, dry and oil lightly. Store in a dry place.
  • Do not use detergents or put in the dishwasher.
  • Suitable for all cook tops including induction.

Imported from France, de Buyer cookware has been the benchmark of French Cookware for over 180 years. Discover a wide range of cookware from Mineral B carbon steel frying pans, to Prima Matera copper copper cookware and world class Mandolines.

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