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VALRHONA P125 Coeur de Guanaja - Concentrate, Dark Chocolate Couverture


  • $30.95

Made from the same fine cocoa as Guanaja, P125 Cœur de Guanaja 80% is less sweet than regular chocolate and has a strong flavour intensified by a higher content of dry cocoa matter.

Inspired by pastry chefs seeking a chocolate to use in recipes in which the fat content restricts the amount of chocolate that can be added. Valrhona’s R&D department and L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat create Coeur de Guanaja through careful research and groundbreaking technology. Coeur de Guanaja will give you the ability to boost the chocolate intensity of numerous recipes with no compromise in texture.


  • 80% cocoa
  • 19% sugar
  • 36% fat content

Application: Creams and sorbets, souffles, molten or lava cakes, chocolate fillings, chocolate mousses, pastry creams and custards, biscuits, sponges and butter cakes

Storage: Keep in a dry, cool place at between 60.8/64.4 °F (16/18 °C)

Product of France

Please note: We do not recommend shipping chocolate during summer months due to warm weather.  Couvertures and cocoa products are available for pick up at our studio in Markham, or you may choose to ship at your own risk.

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