Sosa Ingredients is one of the leading of premium ingredients companies for pastry and gastronomy in the world.

Founded in 1967 in Catalonia, Spain, Sosa Ingredients offers today a wide range of products to meet the desires and needs of the most ambitious chefs in more than 80 countries around the world: freeze-dried fruits, candied fruits, powders or pastes, dry nuts, texturizers, colorants, aromas and even technical sugars.

Sosa Ingredients production facilities are based near Barcelona, in Catalonia, where for example almonds are fully processed from collection to packaging. Sosa Ingredients products are developed according to the four pillars of modern gastronomy: more texture, more taste, less fat and less sugar. They are committed every day to push the limits of the palette of flavours and textures and to use Innovation at the service of flavour. Here they imagine tomorrow’s gastronomy.