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WUSTHOF Whetstone 1000/4000 grit, with Non-slip Base
WUSTHOF Whetstone 1000/4000 grit, with Non-slip Base

WUSTHOF Whetstone 1000/4000 grit, with Non-slip Base




  • Whetstone with non-slip holder and reshaping stone
  • With the correct edge maintenance, high-quality knives will retain their sharpness for many years, ensuring that you will always enjoy using them.
  • A particularly gentle and effective way of sharpening knives is to maintain their edge using a whetstone.
  • WÜSTHOF whetstones consist of a high-quality combination of various abrasive grits. They are fired in a special process lasting 14 days. This gives them their special resistance to ensure a very long service life.
  • The innovative and practical holder holds the stone firmly in position, ensuring optimum stability and safety when sharpening.
  • The particles created during grinding are collected in the holder, keeping the worktop clean.
  • The reshaping stone is used to roughen or abrade the whetstone.
  • Sprinkling a little water on the stone produces the necessary particles for efficient sharpening to take place.
  • Length 22 cm, wide 8 cm, height 3 cm.
  • Super fine grain (J1000 / 4000).
  • Please take utmost care when sharpening your knives to prevent injuries.
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