SHOGYOKUEN Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Powdered Green Tea, #1 Suisho, 40g
SHOGYOKUEN Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Powdered Green Tea, #1 Suisho, 40g
SHOGYOKUEN Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Powdered Green Tea, #1 Suisho, 40g

SHOGYOKUEN Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Powdered Green Tea, Zuisho #1

Shogyokuen 祥玉園


Genuinely top quality matcha is unparalleled by their counterparts in chain retailers, often dubbed "ceremonial" or other unempirical nomenclatures.  There is no international standard as of today governing matcha grading, but price does commensurate with quality.

The best matcha is extremely difficult to obtain.  Tea plants grown freely under canopy shade for at least a month are handpicked in spring.  The leaves are then steamed, dried, cut and finally ground on a stone mill that produces merely 40g in an hour.  To achieve the various taste profiles, the tea powders are then blended by expert blenders.

Hiroshi Kobayashi, the top man at Shogyokuen, is one of the dozen master tea blenders in Japan who hold the highest rank of tea appraisal at level 10.  From year to year, he consistently produces blends that resonate to various matcha needs.

The 4 blends we chose for our customers at Gusta Supply ranks #1, #4, #7, and #8 in their line of matcha.

#1 Zuisho is, perhaps, the best matcha our chef has ever tasted.  It evoked an "ecstatic feeling that is beyond comprehension," according to him.

#4 Chiyomukashi is very strong in umami, sweet, and comes in an absolutely beautiful vivid green.  It is suitable for both koicha (thick tea for formal occasions) and usucha (thin tea for casual tea ceremonies).

#7 Iwai no Shiro and #8 Izumi no Shiro are suitable for usucha.  In our comparative tastings, both exceeds all other "ceremonial grade matcha" we tried in terms of umami, colour, and mouthfeel.

Many products we sell at Gusta Supplies are exactly what we use in class -- authentic ingredients and professional-grade tools used in high end hotels and restaurants. We hope you enjoy using these products as much as our chefs favour them.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 24, 2024

Customer Reviews

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Tommy Chan
Izumi no Shiro

This matcha was absolutely delightful for drinking and making mochi. The vibrant green colour that it can achieve on dessert with the fresh earthy taste was great. I would come back and buy more when I finish this tiny tiny.

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