NIELSEN MASSEY Tahitian Vanilla Bean
NIELSEN MASSEY Tahitian Vanilla Bean

NIELSEN MASSEY Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Nielsen Massey


Cultivated and cured in Tahiti, Nielsen Massey Tahitian Vanilla Beans are hand-selected for their premium quality.

These plump, moist beans have a floral, fruity, cherry-like flavour, found in both the bean and the seeds. The vanilla seeds add gourmet visual delight to a variety of applications. Since this vanilla is susceptible to heat, it’s best in cold or frozen dishes.

1 whole vanilla bean = 2 tablespoons vanilla extract

Each 1/4 lb bag has approximately 15 beans.

This product is Kosher and Gluten-Free Certified as well as All-Natural and Allergen-Free.

Suggested Application:

  • Sweet ideas: pastry creams, fruit pies and sauces, smoothies, shakes, custards, puddings, yogurt, ice cream
  • Savoury ideas: salad dressings, beurre blanc sauce for seafood, sweet potato salad
  • Beverage ideas: agua fresca, punch, mojitos
  • Other ideas: natural car deodorizer

Chef’s notes: To scrape a vanilla bean, start from the center, cutting a slit with the tip of a sharp knife. Spread the bean apart to expose the seeds and scrape with the dull side of the knife. Scrape the sticky seeds off the side of the knife. Repeat with the other side of the bean.

Delicious vanilla flavour is found in both the bean and the seeds, so try to use both. As long as the bean still possesses its characteristic aroma and is moist and pliable, you can rinse, dry and use it again.

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