KREA SWISS hotCHOC, Chocolate Spray Gun LM3
KREA SWISS hotCHOC, Chocolate Spray Gun LM3
KREA SWISS hotCHOC, Chocolate Spray Gun LM3
KREA SWISS hotCHOC, Chocolate Spray Gun LM3
KREA SWISS hotCHOC, Chocolate Spray Gun LM3
KREA SWISS hotCHOC, Chocolate Spray Gun LM3
KREA SWISS hotCHOC, Chocolate Spray Gun LM3

KREA SWISS hotCHOC, Chocolate Spray Gun LM3

Krea Swiss


The Krea Swiss hotCHOC gun is a heated chocolate spray gun!  This innovative heated chocolate sprayer has been designed specifically to spray a warm mixture of 50% chocolate & 50% cocoa butter at 28-35°C /82-95°F.

The special heating unit and insulation sleeve encasing the nozzle keeps the chocolate fluid and the container insulation slows down the materials rate of cooling. The 40W power settings and nozzle & piston sizes enable a thin layer of material to be sprayed, with minimal overspray or noise compared to other sprayers and air brush systems.

This purpose built handheld electric chocolate sprayer can be used for final coverings, prepping moulds, speckling pralines or adding decoration or thicker layers to cakes etc.

This is a "must have" tool for any professional chocolatier, artisan or pastry chef.


  • Solves clogged nozzle issues -- the nozzle warmer and insulation avoids the need to reheat with a hot air gun!
  • Works for up to an hour without needing to reheat the container due to the insulation.
  • Simple, reliable and easy to use - no compressed air needed.
  • Localized spray pattern -- minimal overspray.
  • Uses only Food Grade materials.
  • This reduced power setting also allows you to create wonderful "velvet effects" without blasting your masterpiece off the table.
  • It can also be used for working with different materials/temperatures than those recommended such as glazes or other low viscosity materials. Performance and results then will vary.
  • Swiss made solid engineering quality

Made in Switzerland.

    Additional Tip:

    If spraying 100% cocoa butter only, please be aware that a high temperature will significantly degrade the spraying finish, causing droplets. If using the supplied R6 round nozzle, the optimum cocoa butter spraying temperature is 28-32°C. If you wish to spray at a higher temperature (up to 42°C), please purchase the smaller R4 round nozzle by contacting us for a price quote. Spraying above 42°C is not recommended.


    • Chocolate Spray Gun
    • 550ml Container
    • Nozzle-Heating Unit, Container & Insulation Sleeves
    • Round-Jet-Nozzle (R6)
    • Bent Nozzle Extension

    The extra package (purchase separately) is recommended as It provides extra containers and a couple of very handy spares.

    For over 40 years, KREA Swiss designs and manufactures high quality equipment that make the lives of professionals in the food  industry easier. Their innovative products are proudly “Made in Switzerland" using quality components and each one is thoroughly tested before being shipped. Their users include top chefs, chocolatiers, bakers & food production companies. It is very likely that something that you have eaten recently has been produced with the help of one of their products.

    At Gusta Supplies, we endeavour to secure hard-to-source ingredients and tools so the community here can enjoy a tasteful selection. We are particular about the origin of these products in respect to its cultural and technological significance. We want you to use only the best we can afford to provide.

    Inventory Last Updated: Jul 17, 2024

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