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GUSTA SUPPLIES Copper Canele Mould with Tinned Interior

GUSTA SUPPLIES Copper Canele Mould with Tinned Interior

Gusta Supplies

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Canele is a small French pastry with a soft, tender custard centre and a dark, thick caramelized crust found in Parisian patisserie. It takes the shape of small, striated cylinder approximately 5cm in height. These moulds are made with authentic traditional way in Gironde, in the west of France, near Bordeaux.

Copper is used by many professional chefs because of its superior heat conductivity and durability.  Utensils made in copper are used for generation after generation, all the while still looking as good as new. Copper also has excellent thermal conductivity; it cooks food evenly and much faster then stainless steel or aluminium.

The tinned interior retains all the crispness of canele while keeping the inside soft and tender. The famous and beautiful caramelizing effect would be guarantee using this mould. Authentic copper mould is the best way to achieve soft interior and a crisp exterior.

Dimensions: 2"x1 3/4" (5x4.5cm)

Product of France

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