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Gusta's Handcrafted Chocolate Bonbons, Winter 2020 Collection
Gusta's Handcrafted Chocolate Bonbons, Winter 2020 Collection
Matcha Hojicha
Whiskey Raspberry
Ginger Galangal
Orange Cinnamon
Caramelized Sesame
Lychee Guava
Yuzu Passionfruit

Gusta's Handcrafted Chocolate Bonbons, Winter 2020 Collection

Gusta Cooking Studio

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get."


Imagine what Forrest would say in 2020.


This year sees a whole new world filled with uncertainty.  Although one thing is certain: you're gonna get chocolate.  In a time like this, we seek to provide comfort by bringing back our annual tradition of handmade bonbons, hopefully warming your heart and putting a delightful smile on your face.  To go with the theme of the year, we are killing you with suspense.


A cumulation of some of our past favourites, these are truly labour of love.  We have no tempering machine, no chocolate enrober.  Every piece is an artisanal craft.
Featuring 8 unique flavours:
      • "Cassis" Classic Blackcurrant
      • "Kyoto" Matcha Hojicha
      • "Rudolph" Whiskey Raspberry
      • "Hainan" Ginger Lemongrass
      • "Ochre" Orange Cinnamon
      • "Praliné" Caramelized Sesame
      • "Rosé" Lychee Guava
      • "Acidus" Yuzu Passionfruit (flavour sold out)

HST not included. No substitution please.

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Please note:

  • Pick up or shipping will commence on December 15th.  Orders are delivered first-come-first-serve.  You will receive a notification for pick up/shipping once your order is ready.
  • Pick-up is available between Tuesday and Saturday, from 11AM to 6PM.  Outside of the hours, we will try to arrange special pick-up appointments if possible.
  • We can ship via couriers.  While the delicate chocolate bonbons are carefully packaged, they are subject to violent movements during shipping.  We regret we cannot guarantee they will arrive in perfect condition.
  • For international orders, please email us and we will provide shipping quotation on an individual basis.
  • Packaging shown is subject to availability.  Similar or better packaging, as solely determined by Gusta Cooking Studio, will be used in case of substitution.
At Gusta Supplies, we endeavour to secure hard-to-source ingredients and tools so the community here can enjoy a tasteful selection. We are particular about the origin of these products in respect to its cultural and technological significance. We want you to use only the best we can afford to provide.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pampering of senses by attention to details

Each bourbon stood out with its delicate elegant appearance and unique balance of flavours.
Looking forward to the next collection.


Available only once a year...so I will indulge. I could never make this myself or buy it from anywhere else in Canada.


If you are like me who struggle to find a presentable and affordable gift every December, you need to look no further! This is my first year giving Gusta's Handcrafted Chocolate Bonbons to my administrators and office staff at work. Even though I have never had these myself, I trusted Gusta would deliver quality and of course they exceeded my expectations once again. The packaging is so professional that I just gifted them without needing to waste any more wrapping paper or bags. Two of the administrators opened their boxes in front of me and both were drawn to how beautifully the bonbons are presented. They were impressed by the variety and the uniqueness of flavours and couldn't decide which one try first!
I also got a few boxes for my friends (and one for myself!) and I am so glad I did. Everyone (yes, EVERYONE) who got this as a gift messaged me afterwards just to let me know how unique and delicious the bonbons are. I hope the bonbons will be back in 2021 because that will save me a lot of headache from thinking of what to gift! Thank you team Gusta!


Really love the chocolates - each one is a beautiful craft with special flavour. I am looking forward to the next batch.....

Sublime bonbons

The Gusta team has repeatedly impressed me with its curated culinary collection, its care in packaging orders, and its superb customer service, but Gusta's Winter 2020 Collection of handcrafted bonbons really blew me away. The bonbons arrived packed with extreme care, and in perfect condition. I ordered four boxes of 25 bonbons, and the presentation was just gorgeous: a magnetic box sealed with a ribbon and Gusta's distinctive and classy business card. Once open, everything screamed "made with extreme care and attention to detail." The bonbons are delicate and delightfully decorated (even more impressive than the photos), a visual treat. Their scent tantalized me as soon as I lifted the paper and acrylic protectors that cover the bonbons, but the bonbons' texture and flavours left me speechless. Gusta helpfully provides a photo legend of each bonbon's flavours and ingredients (showcasing ingredients available at supplies.gusta.ca). On the one hand, I knew how much care and attention went into crafting each bonbon; on the other hand, the couvertures and ganaches are so silky smooth, and the bonbons so bursting with natural flavour, that it is impossible to stop at just one bonbon. They are simply sumptuous. If you order some as gifts, be sure to reserve a box for yourself. I am relatively new to Gusta, but I hope that the name "Winter 2020 Collection" means Gusta will make its bonbons available several times a year [hint, hint]. Thank you very much, team Gusta.

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