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EMILE HENRY 1850 Tagine, 12" /3.5L Induction

Emile Henry

EMILE HENRY 1850 Tagine, 12" /3.5L Induction


The 1850 range highlights 160 years of savoir-faire. Specially made for simmering on induction, it brings out all the flavours by controlling the temperature at all times.

This 1850 tagine is ideal for slow, controlled cooking directly on the heat (all types of stove tops, including induction) or in the oven. Emile Henry's ceramic diffuses the heat evenly, allowing your recipes to simmer for hours without burning. The aromas develop and flavours circulate during cooking thanks to the conical lid. The 1850 tagine can be used on all types of stove top, including induction, as well as in the oven or microwave, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any risk of deteriorating the surface.

  • Dimensions - 12" (31cm) /3.7qt (3.5L)
  • Color - Grey
  • Made in France since 1850

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