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CUISIPRO Donvier Ice Cream Maker, 1qt/1L

CUISIPRO Donvier Ice Cream Maker, 1qt/1L


  • $69.99

Treat your family to all-natural gourmet ice cream, healthy frozen yogurt, refreshing fruit sorbets and creamy non-dairy soy desserts in 20 minutes or less with just a few simple ingredients and the 1qt/1L Donvier Premier Ice Cream Maker.


  • Uses no electricity, salt or ice; freezer bowl and paddle do the work
  • Features the patented Chillfast cylinder, plus a double-walled freezer cylinder holder for extra insulation
  • Simply freeze the Chillfast cylinder overnight, add your favourite ingredients and turn the handle occasionally
  • Makes 1 quart/1 L of ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt & frozen drinks
  • Easy to use and easy to clean

Dimensions: 11"x10 3/4"x8" / 30x27x20cm


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