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CRESCENDO Velvet Texture Cocoa Butter Spray, Green

CRESCENDO Green Velvet Texture Cocoa Butter Spray, 240g

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<Product is past its best before date, but should be safe to use as the propellants, cocoa butter, and food colouring are in a sealed environment.>

Available quantity: 1

Velvet Texture Sprays makes it possible to apply a velvety texture to frozen desserts and cakes. Coloured cocoa butter in a handy spray can! Use your imagination to accent your desserts and dessert presentations with these exciting velvet spray colours. Use a blending of colours to highlight your creations!

Spray a thin and even layer on a frozen surface - keeping a distance of 6-8 " distance from your dessert. Constantly rotate the cake while spraying the velvet decoration in order to regularly distribute the product. Must be used on frozen surfaces.

FDA approved.

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