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GUSTA SUPPLIES Matcha Tea Whisk/Chasen, 100-bristle
GUSTA SUPPLIES Matcha Tea Whisk/Chasen, 100-bristle

GUSTA SUPPLIES Matcha Tea Whisk/Chasen, 100-bristle

Gusta Supplies


Whisking matcha brings a sense of tranquility to the mind.  Bristles brushing back and forth, frothing up the water and matcha in your tea bowl (chawan), proportion of which you have duly decided to be just right.  Yet, there are just times when your concoction ends up with large bubbles or the froth disappears once you stopped whisking.  Was it the method, or the whisk? 

‘Chasen’ is the Japanese word for tea whisk, mostly crafted from a single tube of bamboo, bristle by bristle it was cut, and then tightened to create its signature form.  The more bristles there are, the easier it is to achieve superfine froth that provides a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.  The less bristles there are, in turn, strength and durability is gained.

This 100-bristle tea whisk has more bristles than its normal 70-bristle counterpart.  Classically reserved for nobilities, it easily froths up thin tea (usucha) where the amount of matcha should not be too much.  Using a chasen with a higher number of bristle is a sign of humility, with implication of one's lack of skill.

Highly intricate work of art, this bamboo whisk is handmade in the town of Takayama, Nara, where chasen-making boasts over 500 years of history.  This quality chasen yields bowls after bowls of fine tea with the consistent superfine foam that is quintessential to the best bowls of matcha.

Many products we sell at Gusta Supplies are exactly what we use in class -- authentic ingredients and professional-grade tools used in high end hotels and restaurants. We hope you enjoy using these products as much as our chefs favour them.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 06, 2022

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