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IWATANI Professional Butane Blow Torch

IWATANI Professional Butane Blow Torch


  • $77.95

A cooking torch for all cooking needs! Iwatani's professional cooking torch delivers a powerful flame perfect for dishes that require a quick flame torch-up. With an adjustable air intake, you can concentrate the flame for precision charring or dull it out for an even browning.


  • Adjustable gas flow control for different flame size
  • Air regulating knob
  • Super high heat 2700℉ / 1500℃
  • Reliable piezo trigger ignition (No need to keep torch trigger in once lit)
  • Anti-flare feature
  • Food use: creme brulee, meringue, au gratin, browning meat, sous vide, melting cheese, skinning peppers, tomatoes and eggplant, corn on the cob and many more!
  • A restaurant quality torch that is also great for home cooks
  • Made in Japan

Butane excluded.