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TAISHO Bread Proofer/Electronic Fermenter

TAISHO Bread Proofer/Electronic Fermenter


  • $649.99

Electronic fermenter which is convenient to bake bread. Making bread dough becomes more a lot more fun with this bread proofer!

  • High-performance electronic fermenter with built-in control of microcomputer and sensor 
  • Microcomputer control, digital display, easy operation, power supply auto-off, notification melody, Hertz free
  • Easy to dissemble for storage
  • Always maintain optimum temperature and humidity by combination of microcomputer control and high precision sensor. 
  • The setting of temperature and time can be easily changed just by pressing the up and down keys. 
  • Change during driving and extension immediately after the end are easy. 
  • If you keep pressing the key, it will be in fast forward mode. 
  • With "notification melody" to inform the end of fermentation with melody. 
  • Safety design to turn off automatically in 5 minutes after the end of fermentation even if you forget to turn off power switch. 
  • Energy saving design that adopted new heater with high safety to keep the temperature inside the cabinet constant. 
  • Maintain optimum humidity by putting hot water in humidification dish. 
  • Open with a bar handle that easily and close the front cover at the same time.

    Technical Information:

    • Proofer size: 17"x18.7"x26.7"
    • Weight: 8 kg
    • Power supply: 100 Communal V 50-60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 260 W
    • Timer: Micro, 1-60 minutes
    • Temperature control range" Micro,28-41 ° c
    • Safety feature: Thermistors, Auto power off

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