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YUASA SOY SAUCE Kuyou Murasaki, Japanese Original Soy Sauce, 200ml
YUASA SOY SAUCE Kuyou Murasaki, Japanese Original Soy Sauce, 200ml
YUASA SOY SAUCE Kuyou Murasaki, Japanese Original Soy Sauce, 200ml
YUASA SOY SAUCE Kuyou Murasaki, Japanese Original Soy Sauce, 200ml
YUASA SOY SAUCE Kuyou Murasaki, Japanese Original Soy Sauce, 200ml
YUASA SOY SAUCE Kuyou Murasaki, Japanese Original Soy Sauce, 200ml

YUASA SOY SAUCE Kuyou Murasaki, Japanese Original Soy Sauce, 200ml

Yuasa Soy Sauce 湯浅醤油


It is said that soy sauce originated from the thick and flavourful ‘tamari' liquid found in fermentation barrels of Kinzanji miso.  Kinzanji miso is a traditional Japanese condiment comprises soy beans, barley, rice, sugar, salt, vegetables and herbs like eggplant, cucumber, ginger and shiso.  The thick liquid that accumulates on top the barrels is packed with vegetable umami.

As time went on, soy sauce making became efficient without the using of vegetables, and soy sauce businesses spread all over Japan from Yuasa.  Yuasa Soy Sauce is the only company that still keeps the 750 years old recipe, taking 3% of the rare tamari from Kinzanji miso to produce this Kuyou Murasaki 九曜むらさき soy sauce that is low in salt, thick in colour, and deep in flavour.

In addition to sashimi, Kuyou Murasaki has a good reputation as a soy sauce for pickles, as well as for meat dishes.  It received the Grand Gold medal at the MONDE SELECTION consecutively from 2006 to 2014.

Ingredients: Kinzanji miso tamari (rice, barley, soybeans, gourd, sugar, glucose, salt, ginger, eggplant, shiso), soybeans, wheat, salt, sake spirit.

      The birth of soy sauce from Kinzanji Miso

      Yuasa (Kishu), Wakayama 和歌山県 (紀州) 湯浅 is the birthplace of soy sauce.

      Back in Kamakura period, when Houto Enkokushi 法燈円國師, the founder of Kokokuji  Temple 興国寺 in Yura, Kishu went to Japan from Jingshan Temple 径山寺 (transliterated as Kinzanji 金山寺) in China, he brought with him the Kinzanji miso recipe.  That was what started it all.

      Yuasa was a prosperous town at that time.  It had good water quality, so Kinzanji miso was actively produced.  During the miso’s fermentation process, the water content of the vegetables accumulates to the top of the barrel.  People started collecting it, improved upon it, and made it into a seasoning.  This was when soy sauce was born.

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