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SHIRAKAMI KODAMA Japanese Natural Dry Yeast

SHIRAKAMI KODAMA Japanese Natural Dry Yeast

Shirakama Kodama 白神こだま

  • $5.00

Shirakama Kodama (白神こだま) Dry Yeast is wild yeast found in Shirakami-Sanchi (white god mountain area), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, straddling between Akita and Aomori, in northern Honshū Japan. And due to its strong leavening power and high trehalose content (about 4-5 times higher than others), it is said to make bread more tasty.

Put warm water with a predetermined amount of yeast, leave it for about 5 minutes and it will melt easily. You then add it to the mixture of other ingredients.

Storage: Seal unfinished package in the refrigerator after opening, finish as soon as possible.

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