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GUSTA SUPPLIES Water-Soluble Food Colouring Powder

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These ultra-concentrated, water soluble food colouring powders are perfect to tint your preparations in the mass (macaron, cream, pasta, pastillage etc.).

Applications: ice cream and desserts, fine bakery products, other confectionery

Colour tests at different dosages in milk and water: see reference photo. 
(Due to the limitations of Internet browsers and computer screens, the actual colours may differ slightly from the colours shown on the screen)

Dilution: Due to the very high concentration of this food colouring, count 1 point of knife for 1 litre of preparation.


  • In a liquid paste, add the food colouring powder directly.
  • In a thicker paste or sugar paste, dilute the powder before incorporation.
  • These water-soluble dyes can also be used with an airbrush, in which case you need to dilute them in boiled water or food alcohol.  

Shelf life: 3 months

Intended for the food industry and professionals, not consumable as it is.


  • Lemon Yellow - E102: tartrazine (66.3%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Strawberry Red - E129 (61.7 to 66.8%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Raspberry Red - E122: azorubine (59.9 to 64.2%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Mint Green - E102: tartrazine (37.6%), E131: patent blue V (27.2%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Olive Green - E102 : tartrazine (41.8 to 44.7%), E131 : patent blue V (19.5 to 20.5%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Pistachio Green - E102: tartrazine (70.5%), E131: patent blue V (6.7%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Violet - E122: azorubine (31.9%), E129: allura red (5.3%), E132: indigotine (37.6%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Sky Blue - E131: patent blue V (62.8%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Chocolate Brown - E102: tartrazine (35.7%), E129: allura red (26.3%), E151: glossy black BN (10%), dextrose (ex-wheat)
  • Charcoal Black - 100% natural pigments E153

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