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STAUB Cast Iron Petite Cocotte, 6"/1.9qt, Grey

STAUB Cast Iron Petite Cocotte, 6"/1.9qt, Grey


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Staub's Petite Cocotte boasts the benefits of a full-size Cocotte in a compact size. Get hearty stews, spoon licking soup, tender grains and amazing slow cooked meals thanks to Staub's signature new lid. This Chistera lid technology distributes moisture for fluffy, airy, moist and delicious results.

Unlike countertop rice cookers, Staub Petite French Oven can be transported from the stovetop to the table. No need for serving bowls; these charming cocottes take care of both cooking and plating. Rice has never been so easy to make.

Why Staub?

What differentiates Staub from other in the market is that the popular ones tend to get stained and dingy looking with use, whereas Staub gets better with use.

Staub uses a dark, black matte enameled interior that develops a seasoning and becomes more and more non-stick. Moreover, the lids of Staub's Cocotte have bumps on the underside that allow condensation to drip into the center of the pot, thereby “self-basting” the contents (most effective when used on the stove instead of the oven). It is more effective at browning meat evenly.


  • Chistera indentations on lid recirculates moisture to keep natural flavours
  • Specially formulated black matte interior enamel contains traces of quartz, giving it additional heat resistance and a rougher surface resulting in better browning
  • Made in France. Quality guaranteed


  • 6" /16cm, 1.8L /1.9qt

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