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CRESCENDO Velvet Texture Cocoa Butter Spray, 240g

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Velvet Texture Sprays makes it possible to apply a velvety texture to frozen desserts and cakes. Coloured cocoa butter in a handy spray can! Use your imagination to accent your desserts and dessert presentations with these exciting velvet spray colours. Use a blending of colours to highlight your creations!

Spray a thin and even layer on a frozen surface - keeping a distance of 6-8 " distance from your dessert. Constantly rotate the cake while spraying the velvet decoration in order to regularly distribute the product. Must be used on frozen surfaces.

FDA approved.

Please note: We do not recommend shipping chocolate during summer months due to warm weather.  Couvertures and cocoa products are available for pick up at our studio in Markham, or you may choose to ship at your own risk.