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VALRHONA Dulcey 32%, Blond Chocolate Couverture


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Creamy and Toasty -- Valrhona's Dulcey 32% is a smooth, creamy chocolate with a velvety and enveloping texture and a warm, blond colour. The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to the flavours of shortbread with a pinch of salt.


  • 32% cocoa
  • 29% sugar
  • 45% fat content
  • 32% whole milk

Application: Particularly recommended for molding -- to highlight the blond color and pure flavour. Other possible applications: ganache for pastry, cremeux, ganache for individual chocolate bonbons with its smooth texture, intense aromas and not-too-sweet taste.

Storage: Keep in a dry, cool place at between 61/64 °F (16/18 °C)

Product of France

Please note: We refrain from shipping chocolate during summer months when the temperature is relatively warm.  This is in anticipation that the chocolate will not melt during the shipping process.  At above 26°C, cocoa butter in chocolate products may start melting, and recrystallize as white streaks or marks on the chocolate's surface.  This phenomenon is called 'fat bloom'.  While it may not have the perfect appearance, bloomed chocolates are safe to eat and use in recipes.