cooking studio

Hands-on Classes

We began as a convenient shop for students attending our hands-on classes. Many products we sell are exactly what we use in class -- quality ingredients and professional-grade tools our chefs favour.


Custom designed wedding cakes and sweet tables to complement the most celebratory day of your life.


Well connected with chefs, marketers, experienced realtors, and interior designers, we guide our clients through processes bringing dream restaurant/cafe into reality.

Dessert Wholesale

At Gusta, pleasure equates good taste. We partner with local like-minded businesses to provide desserts and components that suits their clientele who appreciates the taste of quality.  


Taste education is at the core of Gusta's mission.  We believe that by sharing of knowledge, we can improve the community's appreciation of good taste, and in turn creating a tastier world for everyone.

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Our Classes


So far with every class, I have learned SO much. I feel lije a dry sponge that has at last been exposed to water- iโ€™m soaking up every drop that I can. Thank you all so much for such a great opportunity to discover my weak points, to learn how to develop better habits and to improve my skills!!!!!
- Marybeth

Baron was interactive and fun throughout the class. It was a fun and fabulous way to celebrate my birthday! Thank you to the amazing Helen for all your help! My son loved the leftovers we brought home!
- Lucia

I had doubts when I signed up for the first class (with friends - private class) because I was not sure will it be worthwhile and worth the value. I have now been to 3 classes and I can say confidently that each class I've been to had been nothing but amazing and fun! The instructor and the assistant are knowledgeable. For someone (myself) who doesn't cook much, they are patient with me and answered any questions I had. I felt comfortable asking for help and were accommodating with my requests. I shared the food I made with my friends and they all said it tasted great! I've just signed up for another class! Can't wait!!
- Ivan

Thx Chef Barron and his team! Everything was so well organized and supervised.
We learnt many techniques! Will definitively do this again!
- Jessie

Classes are always enjoyable! Instructors and staffs are super friendly and informative!
Great quality ingredients as well
- Lisa